• 11/02/2015

    Site internet Groupe PLASTELEC

    Vener découvrir le site internet du groupe PLASTELEC. Vous pourrez retrouver l'ensemble de nos gammes, de nos métieurs et de nos compétences dans nos différentes divisions.



  • 02/02/2015

    Nouvelles gammes

    Venez découvrir les nouvelles gammes de PLASTELEC Tubes avec les extrusions silicone grand diamètre et gammes ferroviaires.

    Visitez notre site et contactez notre service commercial pour toutes informations.

PLASTELEC group composed of PLASTELEC Cables, CGP,  PLASTELEC Tubes and PLASTELEC Tresses is happy to announce you its membership in Compact Total Worldwide Alliance relating to the respect for the fundamental stocks in the field of human rights, in norms of job, environnement and of the conflict against corruption.

We express our will so attacks to make develop these principles in our domain about influence. We promise to insert them into the strategy of our company, its commercial culture and its surgical modes.gfd76mp09da